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Fresh Graphic Design & Screen Printing formed in the Spring of 2008 following a number of years of informal collaboration between its two core members. After growing up in and around Philadelphia, Fresh established a home and work space in the beach towns of Southern Delaware. Though their client-base now extends beyond the East Coast, both members and the firm itself maintain strong ties to Philadelphia and surrounding areas.


Paul Carpenter, art director
Paul uncovered his penchant for illustration and graphic design through many many caricatures and humorous drawings during high school. Though these drawings often featured his classmates, his skill and awareness extended far beyond the walls of that small suburban school. Through both formal and informal training (including a B.F.A. from the University of Delaware) his skill with creative tools has grown exponentially. Proficiency and enthusiasm have led Paul to be involved in individual and collaborative pursuits for both private clients and community projects.

Jeremiah Curtiss, production manager
Jeremy possesses a keen eye for design, layout, and the relationships between objects. A strong computer background and a Bachelors of Industrial Design from Syracuse University aid his approach to graphics and content-rich design problems. Jeremy can bring a high level of precision to a project while maintaining a creative approach and the flexibility to truly find the best solution. Curiosity and self-motivation have led Jeremy to engage himself in a variety of design projects, lending his talents to friends, family, NFP, and commercial enterprises.